KPMG participates in IFVP Conference 2013 in NY

This week Stine and Rikke are participating in this year’s conference for the International Forum for Visual Practitioners, held in New York. On this conference visual practitioners meet from all over the world… Continue reading

Mapping Financial Data Flows

Are you working with financial data flow? Do you also experience challenges in relation to the often complex processes within the financial field of expertise? Take a look at this slideshow which provides… Continue reading

Put your knowledge in space

How do we ensure that our expert knowledge reach different stakeholders in business relations? By putting our knowledge ‘in space’ we can engage stakeholders and communicate with efficiency. Putting your knowledge in space… Continue reading

Live your strategy

How can we ensure that our business strategies are implemented with success? Make sure that our colleagues and/or employees actually feel and live the strategies of our business? How do we engage our… Continue reading

Strategic Visualisation in a Business World

Get an insight into how a business world can benefit from the tools, techniques and approaches which Strategic Visualsation makes use of. Take a look at this storytelling slideshow, where we introduce you… Continue reading

The Writings on the Wall

How do we manage and develop organizations of tomorrow?  LedelsesAkademiet Lillebælt hosted a network meeting for leaders across various industries – 75 participants in all. The theme of the day was a professional… Continue reading

Soon the washing machine will think for itself

In a future not far away intelligent power will flow through the plugs of our households and businesses. This means that our washing machines and tumble driers will know what time of day… Continue reading

Teaching in Hamburg

Strategic Visualisation held a Graphic Facilitation Course in Hamburg on the 14th and 15th of January. The course was arranged by EDUCATIONTREND GmbH. The about 20 participants were themselves facilitators and process consultants.… Continue reading

The Geography of Health

In the wake of a relaxation of a law concerning health data, the National Survey and Cadastre (Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen) got the idea to combine the geographical data about Denmark with health data… Continue reading

CSR Awards 2012

The 13th and 14th of November, CC&S, EFRM and Strategic Visualisation in KPMG participated in this year’s CSR AWARDS 2012 in Sønderborg. More than 600 people from companies – both respected and influential… Continue reading